Made in Aizu

All of SIGMA’s products are created in one single place, our Aizu factory, and then reach our customers all around the world. In this video, we focus on the people that create our products, the people that use them, and the environments that surround them. Scene by scene, we introduce some of our Aizu employees as well as their families, the beautiful nature of the Aizu region, and artists of different fields from all around the world. It is our goal to match the passion driving artists to create new works with our own passion towards our products. With this video, we would like to present both an essence of our philosophy as well as the showcase the creative fervor of everyone who helped create it. (5 minutes)

SIGMAの全ての製品は日本の会津工場ただ1か所で作られ、世界中のユーザーに届けられています。この映像作品ではSIGMAの製品を中心に、作り手と使い手、そして彼らを取り巻く環境にフォーカスしました。工場の従業員とその家族、もちろん周辺の自然もありのままの姿であり、世界の写真家たちもまた、それぞれのフィールドで作品制作のワンシーンを見せてくれています。 アーティストの作品づくりにかける情熱に、私たちはものづくりへの情熱で応えたい。 SIGMAの考える本質と関わる人々の体温を、映像作品を通して少しご紹介させてください。 (動画 5分)

Director / Cinematographer / Offline Edit:YUICHIRO FUJISHIRO Music:haruka nakamura

workssuzuki takahisa